Flight Dispatch & Crew Briefing

Smooth flight operations are of prime importance to every airline. Flight safety, low cost and satisfied passengers are the goals of a successful airline.
Access Flight Dispatch Center offers flight planning especially tailor-made for your needs. GCAA licensed Flight Dispatchers after thorough preparation, run and forward a flight plan with full weather forecasts, valid NOTAMs and en-route information to any location in the world. We only need an E-mail address, a fax number or a SITA address.
When operating from Dubai, Access Flight Dispatch Center provides full briefing to your flight deck crew.
A briefing will consist of:

  • Flight plans.
  • Copy of filed ATS-plan.
  • Weather forecasts.
  • Upper Winds and SIG WX charts.
  • Rodos windplan (showing planned FL,Winds and temperatures in different FL´s together with the tropopause) in a graphic layout.

Contact Info

Tel.     : + 971 505561839
Tel.     : + 971 4 451 8077
Fax     :
+ 971 4 451 8087

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